MOOC: The human Microbiome

Learn how a healthy microbiome can combat disease

The microbiome – the microbes that live within the human body – can have a huge impact on human health. As such, it’s vital to understand the complexity of the microbiome, and how it can impact on disease and wellbeing.

On this course, you’ll go on a fascinating journey into the human body – down to the gut – where the ecology and roles of the human microbiome will be narrated.

You’ll explore how your microbiome changes throughout your life, reflect on the role of food in its modulation, and explain the functions the microbiome has in the gastrointestinal tract in daily life.

See The Human Microbiome – Online Course – FutureLearn

Undergraduate and postgraduate work placements

Getting a job straight out of university is not easy and candidates with work experience and relevant training will always have a competitive edge in the application process.

Quadram Institute (QIB) allows students to develop valuable skills that will equip them for their future professional scientific careers while also supporting scientific research projects at the Institute.

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Recipe tool app

This tool helps you understand how changes in a recipe influence different measures of ‘healthiness’ of a food product.

Based on the recipe, the app will generate nutrition information you find at the back-of-pack, UK traffic lights, French NutriScore and a number of fruit and vegetables portions out of the UK’s 5-a-day recommendation.

The app is connected to our Composition of Foods Integrated Dataset.

Cereal App

Interactive tool to calculate the levels of sugar and fibre in common cereal breakfasts and return results in relation to RDA.