A new, free, online course is being launched to help you discover more about the microbiome and its links to health throughout our lives.

The Human Microbiome’ course runs over three weeks, starting on 30th November 2020. It will introduce the human microbiome and explain how this population of microbes that live in our body affects our health. During the course you’ll learn how the composition of the microbiome changes as we age, and also how we can use diet to modulate the microbiome to combat diseases. 

The course, funded by EITfood, is delivered through the FutureLearn platform and has been developed by academics and health professionals from the University of Turin, Quadram Institute, the University of Reading, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Microbion.

Anyone with an interest in the microbiome, food and nutrition, or with a general interest in human health and ageing will find this course of interest. 

Sign up by 30th November at https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/the-human-microbiome