PERSFO Project Meeting, 21st September 2020

Members of the FDNC team recently took part in the latest online project meeting for PERSFO. It was the third virtual project meeting we have held since our initial kick-off meeting in Brussels in January this year. PERSFO (Personalised and Connected Food Service Providers) aims to help consumers eat more healthily in the workplace by designing an app that is built around the onsite food service provider and will contain real-time daily menus and information/techniques to encourage healthier food choices. 

Within the meeting, we took the opportunity to listen to updates from each of the task leaders and to discuss revisions to the work plan that will be necessary to continue the work during ongoing COVID-19 public health measures. QIB coordinates the Innovation Activity, funded by EIT-Food, which we hope will be continued for a further year in 2021. 

Rachel Berry and Daniela Segovia-Lizano have recently written short updates about the project from a management and business task perspective, respectively, which can be read here:

Read more about PERSFO at our project pages: or at the project website: