Jenny and Paul from Food Databanks National Capability, working with a team from CREA (Research Centre for Food and Nutrition, IT) have published their recent work on the expansion of the eBASIS database to include a new group of bioactive compounds present in foods.

eBASIS, (Bioactive Substances in Food Information System) (, is a comprehensive database containing quality-evaluated scientific data, covering the composition of bioactive compounds present in foods.

Over the last decade, extractable and non-extractable compounds have become key in the evaluation/determination of the antioxidant properties of food matrices because of their relevance in human health, this has led to the need to include these compounds, for the first time, into a comprehensive and harmonized food composition database for a wide range of applications.

eBASIS was chosen for this purpose and this expansion of the database provides a novel and unique tool for nutritionists, dietitians, researchers to use for a wide range of applications, such as dietary assessment, exposure studies and epidemiological studies.

Plumb, J.; Durazzo, A.; Lucarini, M.; Camilli, E.; Turrini, A.; Marletta, L.; Finglas, P. Extractable and Non-Extractable Antioxidants Composition in the eBASIS Database: A Key Tool for Dietary Assessment in Human Health and Disease Research. Nutrients 2020, 12, 3405.