This short video shows a few examples of how food waste from food processing can be reused for other purposes, our contribution to Stop Food Waste Day 2021.

Approximately one-third of foods fit for human consumption are wasted globally (ca. 1.3 billion tonnes annually). FDNC recently worked on the The REFRESH Project: (“Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain”)  an EU funded project taking action against food waste. The project had wenty-six partners from 12 European countries and China and worked towards the project’s goal to contribute towards halving per capita food waste at the retail and consumer level and reducing food losses along production and supply chains by 2030.

The project aimed to maximise the value of unavoidable food waste and packaging materials (e.g. peel, pomace etc.). This led to research into some of the most common food products (ca. 120) (e.g. lemon) and their associated 1,264 side streams (e.g. lemon peel) being identified, with the  information used to develop a new web-based tool named FoodWasteEXplorer by FDNC, which supports productive use of these natural resources.

Infographics produced by Laura Deakin, QIB Communications.