Branflakes, Cornflakes, Mini Wheats, Oats! Nutrients in Your Breakfast Cereals

Norwich Science Festival is well underway, and Wednesday 27th October is Norwich Research Park Day at Norwich Forum. Food Databanks will be there with our activity: a selection of cereals, kitchen scales and our new app developed for the event

Visitors will:

  • Understand how different cereals contain different levels of sugar and fibre
  • Understand and discuss the differences between individual portion sizes
  • Potentially alter their breakfast choices or at the least be more aware of the differences between the types of breakfast cereal.
  • Understand the difference between Reference Intake (the maximum amount of a nutrient you should eat on average in a day with reference to sugar) and Recommended Daily Intake (with reference to for fibre)

Norwich Science Festival

if you can’t attend, you can still visit the app and play at home