FDNC team members recently joined colleagues from the PERSFO project for the second Consortium meeting of 2021. The second year of PERSFO activities were officially started at the Kick-Off Meeting in January this year, where we reviewed the 2021 work-plan and discussed finalising the 2020 project reporting. In 2020 the basic architecture and app for PERSFO were designed, which will be the basis for running a proof-of-principle study with consumers this year.  The PERSFO app is based on the menu of workplace food service providers, with integrated systems to help users select healthier food choices based on their dietary needs or goals.

COVID-19 remains a challenging issue for the project, but partners are already developing alternative means of testing the system in case workplace, catering and social restrictions remain in place throughout 2021 (e.g., takeaway foods and/or virtual protocols). Partners from KU Leuven will coordinate the study and have already received initial ethical approval for the protocol. The FDNC team coordinates the project and will also help to analyse the dietary data from the study. Read more about PERSFO at the following link: www.persfo.eu